Balloons with print. Many people consider balloon is  one of the most effective advertising  gift. The good idea is to  to use ballons  with print  during  city events  to distribute them in public places because baloons are  bright and easily noticeable. Children enjoy playing with baloons  therefore with their help the attention to your logo will be  from adults, and from children. Balloons  with print  give feeling of pleasure and delight – use  during holidays in your organization. The wide choice of colors is available to balloons. During development of design pay attention that on a ball your logo will be well noticeable. For the print on these bright balloons  we use tampoprint.
Balloon of 30 cm
€ 0.39
Balloon with stick F1
€ 0.32
Bright balloons - S12
€ 0.26
Pastel color balloons - S12
€ 0.25
Pastel color balloons S5
€ 0.25
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